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Our Approach

Individualized Attention, Customized Solutions

Each person’s needs and wishes differ significantly. With a lifetime of accumulated wisdom and a specialty in structuring retirement income, Sandra takes your concerns to heart and customizes solutions that respect your priorities.

You’ve worked hard to accumulate your retirement nest egg. Now, you would like your assets to work hard for you. But as a retiree, chasing the highest returns adds unnecessary stress and may not be appropriate for you. Sandra’s goal is to deliver solutions that address your unique investment needs, risk tolerance and objectives.

A balanced approach that helps you live life fully

Whatever your passions, be they spending more time with family and loved ones, becoming more involved with your community, or traveling the globe, Sandra will help you create a healthy balance between managing your wealth responsibly and prioritizing activities that you find rewarding. Feel free to call or contact her today.

"My son David, who is our investment strategist, and my long-time friend and office manager, Nancy, assist me in providing personalized care and support to our clients."